Christopher Drobnock - Anagama-Fired Ceramics and Other Works.
Hey All. I made a new website from my more recent work in graduate school. Check it out here.

*The information on this website in its most recent state is from 2011-12.

I love strong design of all types. I respect the styrofoam cup (my cups are not styrofoam, buy one and together we can save the planet). I am super obsessive compulsive. I seek to make the world better through through positive action, energy, and good works.

I currently reside in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Among the Appalachian Mountains, raised by my parents, this is where I found clay.

I have studied under Jack Troy, Steven Kemenyffy, Lee Rexrode, Chuck Johnson, Franz Spohn, and John Lysak. I don't say this because I want you to think about me a certain way. I say this because they have helped me to think, and for that I am grateful.

I have been studying wood firing now for some time. Specifically the Japanese wood fired kiln called an anagama. These kilns originated in China and were adapted by the Koreans and the Japanese. Now considered a Japanese style kiln by most of the world the kiln focuses on high ash and heat to create wares that could only come from such a design (parabolic catenary cross draft wood kiln capable of reaching temperatures of 2400 degrees F or higher using only wood as a fuel source). My town was founded because of the brickyards that developed in the early 1900's. I have decided to bring a little industry back to Mount Union. I moved in to the space I now call my studio in November of 2011. I started to build a small anagama style kiln on the property. While the brickyard kilns no longer exist, I have started something new here from the ashes.

This Page Is Currently Being Modified and Updated. If You Have Any Questions At All Feel Free To Email Me